Lee’s School of Cosmetology is an approved Wella Color Specialist school for the State of Arkansas.  Students and staff at Lee’s are trained by Walla educators quarterly.  These educators are chosen for their expertise in Wella color techniques, corrective color techniques and natural looking highlights, foils and frosting on all ethnic groups.  Want to make a hair statement?  Yes, Lee’s also can create your own customized hair color chosen from the Wella “Colors of the World” style book on the premises at Lee’s.  Ask about it today!

An exclusively approved Wella Color Specialist for the State of Arkansas

An exclusively approved Wella Color Specialist for the State of Arkansas

As of July 1, 2011 Lee’s School of Cosmetology North Little Rock, Arkansas has been chosen to teach color using the Wella Color Institute System which is known and used by the prestigious salons in Central Arkansas, throughout the state and nationally.  When you arrive at Lee’s the first thing you will notice is the order in which learning is being accomplished.  Time is well spent by following the Simplex System of Learning created and exclusively used by Lee’s.  You are allowed to chart the speed in which you learn.  You may excel at one topic or need further assistance in another.  Whichever category you fall into, it will be monitored by a licensed cosmetology instructor and will be positively accomplished because at Lee’s you are not just a number but a special component in the overall mission of Lee’s, the training of the elite cosmetologists of Arkansas.


Small classes will assure you are receiving in depth and quality training for all phases of hair, nail, skin care and make up techniques.  You will find Lee’s volunteering at local malls, style shows, fund raising events to share their talents with the community.  We graciously offer our services and accomplish our “Random Acts of Kindness” on a regular basis because we learn by doing and giving, Lee’s is one of the most beloved schools in the State of Arkansas.  When you call Lee’s you will hear, “Your Special at Lee’s how can we help you today?”  All of our guests are special and without the continued support of the community through our clinic services we would only be a mannequin school.  After 35 years, we at Lee’s are still standing tall and continue to graduate students for the competitive Cosmetology workforce.  All of this comes with a price.  We at Lee’s keep our tuition low in order to accommodate all students and help you leave debt free at graduation. Call Lee’s to find out if you qualify for financial aid: 501-772-2661.

“You get what you pay for.” This is a myth. At Lee’s, we give you quality education for a fair and reasonable price, leaving debt free – no student loans to pay back. Call now to schedule your personal interview for all of the details. Scholarships and Pell Grant for those who qualify.
Transfer students: We have a special price for you. Beware of transfer policies. Lee’s will be glad to explain the real policies before you sign up to finish your schooling somewhere other than Lee’s. Free career counseling for anyone interested in the beauty business. “You get charged what you should pay for.”